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What can we do

It’s not surprising that many homeowners find it difficult to maintain their home because of ever growing professional and personal commitments. Add to this a need to travel from time to time it is quite difficult to keep an eye out on a property.

The solution to this problem is simple. We are offering the professional home management service that can help you maintain your investments even when you’re not around.

Mallorca Home Management is an all inclusive home service company established to provide a comprehensive and convenient all-in-one solution to the time consuming task of home management while you are away. 




A wide range of professional gardening services such as garden maintenance with experienced gardening specialists who are also equipped and capable to carry out tree surgery


Cleaning of your house before your arrival, during your stay and on your departure. Upon your request your home will be thoroughly cleaned. This includes all beds made, linens prepared, outdoor furniture set up.Refrigerator is stocked. 


Clean your garments in wet cleaning system and also iron them for you, so you can enjoy your free time. You will get your garments as you prefer, on hangers neatly packed or if you prefer nicely folded so they can keep their finishing.


We deal with all phases involving the rehabilitation of your house or villa. For this we have a team of professionals in engineering and architecture that have extensive experience in the construction industry.


Monthly visit and check of your property:
Plumbing & Bathrooms (to avoid water leeks)
Lights & Security Systems (alarms)
Windows & Doors, Gas & electricity
Humidity checks inside out
Use & running of home and kitchen appliance
Interior watering of plants. Home ventilation
Extra visits after bad storms or excessive rain


Our property management service ensures that all necessary documents pertaining to your property are paid on time and you get all of the following:

-Supervise housekeeping

- representation on condominium general meetings


We develop interior design tailored to the overall aesthetic of the house highlighting aspects. From arrangement of stuff, fabrics to decorative elements. We offer a totally personalized advice, working in collaboration with specialized consultants in order to find the design that best suits the personality and expectations of each client.


It is recommended to have your air conditioner(s) checked and serviced regularly. Additional services such as chemical cleaning will be highly recommended for air conditioners with poor cooling performance.


About us

Our professional team’s mission is to make you happy providing the widest and highest quality services in traditional property management tasks as well as in more extensive sense.

Your home should be your refuge, the place you go to enjoy family, to escape from the pressures of your career and to relax at the end of a long day or week.  

But owning a home creates its own stresses. Whether you are fretting about deferred maintenance, struggling with unexpected repairs or just trying to juggle all of the different contractors you need, managing your home can feel like a full time job.  

Doesn’t it make more sense to leave that job to your Mallorca Home Management?

Launched in 2009 as solution to the home services industry, our company strives to build a lasting, trusting relationship with its customers, service partners and employees.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a single trusted service partner you can contact whenever issues arise in your home.


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